Not able to use "delete_indices" for curator_cli

(Vinay Karajagi) #1

The following line gives - Error: No such command "delete_indices"
curator_cli --host --port delete_indices --filter_list '[{"filtertype":"pattern","kind":"prefix","value":".watch_history"}]'

As per curator_cli --help it is stated that i should try delete-indices instead. But while using that I am getting the below error

CRITICAL Action must be one of ['snapshot', 'create_index', 'index_settings', 'rollover', 'forcemerge', 'cluster_routing', 'replicas', 'delete_indices', 'allocation', 'alias', 'restore', 'close', 'delete_snapshots', 'open', 'shrink', 'reindex']

The versions that am using are:
elasticsearch (6.3.1)
elasticsearch-curator (5.5.4)

(Aaron Mildenstein) #2

It’s a recent issue that is related to a bump in the Click module that Curator uses for the command line. See

(Vinay Karajagi) #3

Thanks, was able to solve the issue by downgrading Click from 7.0 to 6.7

(system) #4

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