Not all primary shards of [.geoip_databases] index are active

When I start elasticsearch cluster with a single node,it throw an error:

[2023-02-01T15:34:09,249][ERROR][o.e.i.g.GeoIpDownloader  ] [node1] exception during geoip databases updateorg.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchException: not all primary shards of [.geoip_databases] index are active

I think it means an hidden index called .geoip_databases is not health, then I use _cat API to check this index,the resuls shows below:

health status index            uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
green  open   .geoip_databases CFuIkBC2QFSKf4a8aiKmcA   1   0         40            0     38.2mb         38.2mb

it means this index status is health,and it only has an primary shard.

so I do not know what is happen? can anyone help me? Thanks very much.

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Once Elasticsearch has started it should clear that error pretty quickly, as your cat output shows. So I wouldn't worry.

Thanks for your reply.Indeed, it does not affect the running of the cluster, but this is confusing for new users.

Could you tell me the specific reason of this error and will it be fixing in the future?


It looks like the exception you are hitting was added intentionally in to protect your cluster from potentially worse problems. Is it possible that your node was briefly out of space?

Alternatively, there are several known race conditions in the geoip downloader. See GeoIpDownloader race conditions when starting / stopping · Issue #92888 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub. For the most part they are harmless and only cause problems in tests or briefly at startup (like yours). I have not seen yours before but I would not be surprised if it is related to one of the things in that ticket. I can't say when those will be fixed.

thanks.My server space is enough and cpu is idle,maybe I meet the race conditions.

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