Not an int hash when using Murmur3

I've tried the Fingerprint filter plugin w/ the MURMUR3 method.

If set to MURMUR3 or MURMUR3_128 the non-cryptographic MurmurHash function (either the 32-bit or 128-bit implementation, respectively) will be used.

So I was expecting an 32-bit integer, but I got back the value 3100258409 for my source-field. And this doesn't fit into an integer in Java.

Any idea why?

I believe you are getting a 32-bit unsigned integer.

makes sense. is there any way to get a signed integer?

I'd like to get the same result on my Java side, so I can get the same result for the same input both with this plugin as well as in my own code.

Thanks for any hints.

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