Not enough efficient number search

I am trying to search to number fields in elastic.
When I am searching for 39693 and type 39693 I get the right result.
But when I am typing 963 I don't get any result.

var response = client1.Search(n => n.Index(index)
.Query(q => q.ConstantScore(f => f.Filter(t => t.Term(documentField, searchWord))))

                    .Sort(s => s.Descending(SortSpecialField.Score))

The doc says :

The term query finds documents that contain the exact term specified in the inverted index. For instance:

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How can I set it finding numbers with one more or one less digit?

It looks like you want to treat your number as a string and search for partial matches. If this is the case you may be able to use ngrams.

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