Not getting All data in case of multiple types. Getting data for one specific type

Hi. I have a problem with multiple types.
If I specify multiple type with comma, It's getting data from just one specific type.

Let's assume that we have an index which name is "account_test"
"account" has 3 types in it which are "Campaign", "Advertiser", "Agency"

"Campaign" has one data as below

	"_index": "account_test",
	"_type": "Campaign",
	"_id": "102399",
	"_score": 1,
	"_source": {
	"ID": "CM_12022015",
	"NAME": "CM_12022015",
	"Advertiser": {
		"ID": "Adv_12022015",
		"NAME": "unknown_advertiser"

"Advertiser" has one data as below

	"_index": "account_test",
	"_type": "Advertiser",
	"_id": "52957",
	"_score": 1,
	"_source": {
		"ID": "Adv_12022015",
		"NAME": "unknown_advertiser",

Now I want to find these with the keyword "Adv_12022015".

  • No type specified in URL
http://eshost:9200/account_test/_search?q=Campaign.Advertiser.ID:*adv_12022015* OR Advertiser.ID:*adv_12022015*
// Total : 2

It is getting both 2 data correctly.
However If I specify types in it, It only gets "Campaign" data.

  • Single type
http://eshost:9200/account_test/Campaign/_search?q=Campaign.Advertiser.ID:*adv_12022015* OR Advertiser.ID:*adv_12022015*
// Total : 1


http://eshost:9200/account_test/Advertiser/_search?q=Campaign.Advertiser.ID:*adv_12022015* OR Advertiser.ID:*adv_12022015*
// Total : 1

It works correctly. Both query gets data from each specified type.

  • Multiple types with comma
http://eshost:9200/account_test/Advertiser,Campaign/_search?q=Campaign.Advertiser.ID:*adv_12022015* OR Advertiser.ID:*adv_12022015*
// Total : 1

However If I specify multiple types with comma in url, it gets only data from "Campaign".

Single type is fine, It is only a problem when I use multiple type with comma.
I think it is similar to the issue #2218

Please check it out.
Thank you.

Installed Elastic Search Info
"status": 200,
"name": "node1",
"cluster_name": "es.oas.cluster",
"version": {
"number": "1.4.2",
"build_hash": "927caff6f05403e936c20bf4529f144f0c89fd8c",
"build_timestamp": "2014-12-16T14:11:12Z",
"build_snapshot": false,
"lucene_version": "4.10.2"
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