Not getting any response on POST and BULK requests


As the title says, any post or bulk request, basically any writes is not working. I checked the cluster health and the status is green. I also checked for disk usage and more than half is available.

I ran following command:

curl -k -XPOST 'https://elasticsearch.elasticsearch.svc.cluster.local:31000/test-index/_doc?pretty' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"name":"piyush"}'

and there is no response from db. It is just stuck there. All other GET requests are working fine. Since I am not getting response, need help on how to debug it further.

What are elasticsearch logs? Could you share them?

Did you secure the cluster?

Our elasticsearch cluster is running in Kubernetes and is not exposed to a public network. Regarding logs, I am not seeing any logs on any of the 3 data nodes. I am seeing logs when I create any index but when I am running any POST request, I am not seeing anything in the logs.

So, basically index are getting created fine but any data is not getting indexed.

I have no idea. Could you share the full logs?

May be that's related to your ECK deployment? So you should move your question to #orchestration:eck ?

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