Not getting index in Discover section

Hey.. i have created new index named "check" and "check-new " by adding index name in config file of logstash .
Other than these two indices , I had left everything on default. I am dealing with apache access log data . So , logstash has been creating new index ,when it reads documents with different timestamp , so I have got many indices with this name logstash-..* .

You can see - check-new

and check here -

Now when I click on discover section , there's no option to select check and check-new index . But they exist in elasticsearch , I have verified it through monitoring section .

In discover .... there are only three options are available .

Can anyone explain , what's wrong going on ??

Have you added a new index pattern under the Managementtab that matches these new indices?

oh I didn't know about this step.
Thanks . I have got it fixed .

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