Not receiving email for CPU usage


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One last thing, the measurement taken here is not the load of the system, but the cpu load of the elasticsearch process - so this one needs to be responsible for the load.

(Iqbal Nazir) #22

awesome!!!! it's also working for me. thanks a million Alex. one last query, you said: [quote="spinscale, post:18, topic:52316"]
and only covers the load of this process and not the whole OS, which is currently not being monitored.

Will the feature to monitor the whole OS_CPU come back in the future?

(Alexander Reelsen) #23


if you need to monitor the CPU usage of the whole system, you could use either use topbeat (more about topbeat here) or call the _nodes/stats endpoint and check for the cpu percent in the os section. No need to wait for marvel to add it again...


(kalyan) #24

Hi spinscale. Here i am trying to send email notification for CPU usage using metricbeat. I am using xpack. Can you please tell me how it works. Here i can see only for marvel. I am using elasticsearch 5.4.0.

(Alexander Reelsen) #25

Please open a new issue, which contains complete information about the watch you tried to use, the index you tried to query, the output of the execute watch API as well as the Elasticsearch version that you use plus all the special configuration that you did.

Just replying on an year old thread makes it very hard to help.

Thank you!


(kalyan) #26

Does this work for me using "metricbeat" for creating watcher for high CPU usage.

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