Not receiving the proper result in elasticsearch

Hi There,

I have my search query for my search box on website which will search on the prefix of the indexed data. For e.g Movie Name = "THE WOMAN IN BLACK" and there are many more values of Movie Name such as Movie Name = "THE PAPER BOY"
Movie Name = "THE LEGEND OF TARZAN (3D)".

In ,my search query i check on every keyword user type and on that basis, below is my search query

'index' : 'pvrmod2',
'type' : 'movie',
'body' : {
"from" : 0,
"size" : 5,
'query' : {
'prefix' : {
$field => $first

but when i am typing "the pap" my all the record comes which starts with THE but my record having THE PAPER BOY is not coming..

Can Any one please help me in this.