Nothing showing in Content field

When I add the content field in the discover search page none of the text content shows. It looks like a bunch of white space with the black expansion arrows. All of my documents were parsed by tika. The json shows a bunch of \n newline characters. Is there a way to make the display look better in this case? Also, when I click the down arrow and look at the content area, there is a lot of white space before the text. I'm not sure why Tika parses everything like this, but I hope that I can figure out a way to better display the content field in Kibana.

It sounds like the issue is in the data being indexed. I would recommend seeing if you can change the output from Tika. Another option would be to index into Logstash and further process the document there.

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You're correct. Thank you! I had to do a lstrip("\n") on the parsed['content'] dictionary value before posting it to ES.

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