Now date with format in _timestamp

I want to index documents with the default value (now date) for the
_timestamp, setting this field when elasticsearch indexes the document. I
would like to save the _timestamp with a format so later I can use it in
Kibana. So far I have tried many things, this being the simplest way to try
to get the desired result:

"mappings": {
"default" : {
"_timestamp" : {"enabled" : true, "store" : "yes"}

Is it possible to give to this _timestamp a format such as "2015-02-25"?

With the actual mapping the value is in epoch timestamp:

fields: {
_timestamp: 1424895937428

Even if I don't give the desired format to the _timestamp, kibana doesn't
recognize this value, so I can't query by this value.

So far I have also tried using the options like {"format" : "YYYY-MM-dd"}
or {"index" : "analyzed" } in the mapping but no luck.

Is this that I'm trying even possible?

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