Nprobe flows drops when sending to elasticsearch cluster

Hi, i have an nprobe probe what collect a flows from network and transport it to elastic cluster.
For testing purposes i have one elastic node with following hardware

o CPU: 8C
o RAM: 16GB
o HDD: 1T

This is my nprobe configuration
nprobe -b 1 -V 5 --collector-port 2055 -i eth0 -n none --elastic "flows;nprobe2-%Y.%m.%d;"

When i exceeded more than 1k flow per seconds i get a
WARNING: [ES] Export queue too long [32768]: expect drops
and this is true, most of flows is really dropped.

When i re-direct output of nprobe to tcp port and try to receive it by netcat i see all of them nothing is missing, so it is definitely elastic search issue.

Strange is that CPU is almost all the time 80% idle, iowait is about 5% there is some RAM free also.
I set limits in my OS to

elasticsearch soft memlock unlimited
elasticsearch hard memlock unlimited
and set LimitMEMLOCK=infinity
also change
bootstrap.memory_lock: true

But no luck .. I was trying to change setting of thread_pool in elasticsearch.yml to
thread_pool.bulk.size: 9
thread_pool.bulk.queue_size: 100
but it seems to have no effect at all

I’m using elastic search version 5.5.2, what I’m missing ? why it does not work ?

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