Npx @elastic/synthetic Command Line Options for Selectively Deploying 'lightweight' Synthetics

Hello there,

I was wondering if there is any undocumented functionality that allows one to selectively deploy 'lightweight' synthetics, similar to how 'journeys' synthetics can be selectively run using --pattern, --match and --tags cli options?

I'm asking because we'd like the flexibility to run certain lightweight synthetics in some environments, while not running in others.

Thanks in advance!


Hello @ameindel ,

I am glad to know you are trying project monitors and specifically lightweight monitors.

Unfortunately the issue you have reported seems to be an oversight on our part.

I have created an issue to implemented these filtering options for lightweight monitors as well.

we will for sure fix it. Please subscribe to the issue in case you want to follow the progress or leave your comment if you have any other relevant suggestion.

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Thank you for the update, @shahzad31!

@ameindel we have merged a PR feat: support pattern, match, tags for pushing lightweight by vigneshshanmugam · Pull Request #761 · elastic/synthetics · GitHub which contains a fix.