Nuanced synonyms

(ppearcy) #1

Not sure if this is possible, but does anyone know if it is possible
to have a term in multiple synonym definitions, such that the they
aren't associative? Here is my example:

bike, motorcycle
bike, bicycle

The key thing is that I don't want bicycle and motorcycle to be
synonyms for each other.


(Jan Fiedler) #2

Probably not really helpful but anyway: What you are probably looking for is
called 'hypernyms' from a linguistic's point of view. Hypernyms define a 'is
a kind of' relationship between a hyponym (the special term) and a hypernym
(the broader term). In your case 'motorcycle' and 'bicycle' are a kind of
'bike'. You would get motorcycles and bicycles if you search for bikes but
you would not get bikes or motorbikes if you search for bicycles.

I had this requirement in a Lucene based project (2.4.x back then) and ended
up implementing this as one step in a custom query parser (i.e. query time
synonym expansion). I have not checked whether there are standard solutions
available for that (I did not find one back then).

(system) #3