Null handing in facets/filters

It would be nice if we could use null value in term/terms filters and
facets as indicator we want to filter/facet on missing values

for example following filter will return docs with country == canada or
blank (bool of terms and missing filter)

country:['CANADA', null]

While it could easily be done combining terms and missing filters it is a
nice shortcut
More importantly in facet_filter null will be acting as a first class
citizen allowing us to get stats using terms_stats facets for missing filed

But the truth is that I would not be considering the functionality above if
terms_stats facet would have been consistent in calculating stats for
"missing" and "other" just like terms facet does with counts but
unfortunately it completely disregards them. I was working around it by
using statistical facet in the same query and using it to calculate "other

  • missing" as difference between its total and sum of the total of each
    term produced by my terms_stats facets. Unfortunately it does not let me
    distinguish between "missing" and "other" which is very important for us to
    produce consistent and complete charts. If use facet_filter would give me
    stats for null I could have combined terms_stats query on unfiltered terms
    with the same facet with facet_filter for null value :slight_smile: It is ugly but so
    far I have not come up with any approach to calculate "missing" and "other"
    stats in terms_stats facet

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