Null pointer exception in GetRequest for index

Hello ,
i am trying to get index from ES using java ,
below is the code which i have used, but i am getting null values to getrequest obj ,then its throwing null pointer exception

RestHighLevelClient restHighLevelClient = new RestHighLevelClient(RestClient.builder(
new HttpHost(eshost, esport)));

GetRequest getRequest = new GetRequest("jsonvalidation"); // jsonvalidation is my index name

please help me with correct code to retrive the index

Thanks for help inadvance..!!

Hi @vinay123,

when do you get the NPE (after which command, I don't think constructing the builders and the client will trigger it?) and how does it look like? Can you please attach a Stacktrace?

I don't exactly know what you want to do as I don't know which API you are calling.

If you want to do a GET document call, you are missing the document id. see

GetRequest getRequest = new GetRequest("jsonvalidation", "1");
GetResponse getResponse = client.get(request, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);

If you want to do a GET index call, see

GetIndexRequest request = new GetIndexRequest("jsonvalidation");
GetIndexResponse getIndexResponse = client.indices().get(request, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);

I am trying to get index, i have used same methods which you have specified, but i am getting error, unable to consider the arguments ,.

Which version are you using?

6.5 version

It's probably not supported.
6.8 client might have this.

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