Number of active sessions

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Does anyone know how can i see the total number of active sessions? I tried to use winlogbeat and search by event_id but i think my approach isn't the correct one.


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What do you mean by active sessions? What are you trying to monitor?

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I want to see how many concurrent users are active on different servers.

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That sounds like something that would be easier to monitor using Metricbeat's windows/perfmon module. There's probably a perfmon gauge that reflects the current number of active sessions.

(Diaconita Costinel) #5

The perfmon module doesn't have a field that contain data regarding sessions. This means that the only solution is to add a metricset that does this thing, right?

Thanks again for your answers!

(Andrew Kroh) #6

The windows/perfmon module is configurable so it can monitor any perfmon value. You just need to know the name of the counter. You can copy that from the Performance Monitor. The page I linked previously seems to suggest there is a counter for the number of active sessions.

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