Number of CPU cores and Number of nodes relationship

What is the relation between the number of CPU cores, threads, and node sizing. What is the impact in these two cases allocator HOT of 64 CPU and 512 RAM vs 32 CPU & 256 RAM. The allocator HOT nod count changed from 6 to 11, How these are technically related?

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Usually a larger node will/would have more CPUs to be able to deal with larger amounts of data.

The impact on what?

Can you elaborate more on this part, it's not clear what you mean.

We got a quote from some consultants, initially, they came up with a count of 11 Allocator HOT with the configuration of each server 32CPU/256 RAM, when we told them to reduce the total server count they come up with 6 allocator HOT nodes, 64CPU/512RAM. So I want to understand this calculation. How this CPU/RAM is associated with the number of nodes count for the same amount of data, it 4TB per day, 7 days HOT.

We don't know how these consultants figured that out sorry.

But usually hot data is accessed more often and with lower response rate expectations, so needs more resources to do so.

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