Number of indices / shards in a cluster

What is the number of indices and shards "allowed" in a cluster? How big should be a cluster to have 1000 indices, having each 1 shard and 1 replica, being each a ~2000 items index? Even a small one is recommended a 1Gb heap memory?

You're technically "allowed" 1000 shards per node, so if you have 2000 shards you need at least 2 nodes, but in practice you will get much better performance out of fewer/larger indices. If you only have 2000000 docs in total then that's a tiny tiny dataset, I'd try just putting them all in a single index with one primary.


Thanks for the response. These numbers were just something random. I have many clients, and each client works with their own index, so working in a single index is not an option (different synonyms, rules...)

Not having this limitation is great.

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