Number of page hit during 30 minutes for a single IP

Hi, sorry for the beginner question ( and my english), i try to implement this function :

i index apache log with the request field, ip and timestamp(etc ...)

i try to count the number of hit to a particular page, for exemple : /portal/default/Humanressource.
Very easy.

But, i only want 1 hint for a specific IP address during 30 minutes.

We call that a "session".

For exemple :

30/Jun/2017:04:01:46 +0200 /portal/default/Humanressource
30/Jun/2017:04:11:25 +0200 /portal/default/Humanressource
30/Jun/2017:04:22:11 +0200 /portal/default/Humanressource

i must have only 1 count

And , if the same user (same IP) access the same page 30 minutes later, i must have 1 more hit.

30/Jun/2017:04:31:50 +0200 /portal/default/Humanressource

Can we do that with kibana ? count the number of session for a specific time range of 30 minutes.

Any clues to get me on the road ?

Thanks for your help

Yep, just use a cardinality (unique) aggregation on the IP field :slight_smile:

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