Number of shards


I found this rule of thumb for 30-50gb per shared
so, does it mean that if I have 100gb of data, I will need 2 primary shards, or 1 primary and 1 replica is good enough?


Between 2 to 5 primaries. Whatever the number of replicas.

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thanks. so if I configure the rollover to 30gb with 1 primary shard, it should be the same right?

To be clear, it's per-primary shard size, as the replica is a duplicate of that, and doesn't matter. So if you have 40GB of data, 1-2 shards are good; if you have 80GB, then 2-3, etc. Then you add whatever replicas you want for reliability or performance (usually 1 for reliability, more if you have more nodes and want more performance, but all eats disk & RAM, of course).


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