Nxlog - https - logstash error

So i have configured nxlog with https to talk with logstash.
I got an error on nxlog side " ERROR unexpected data from server (64 bytes)"
I looked it up and it looks like nxlog got https://github.com/lamby/pkg-nxlog-ce/blob/master/src/modules/output/http/om_http.c#L646

So i did check up the http input on logstash side , but i have not understand it

Looks like logstash should send respond code, but i dont see it. Remember i dont have ruby skills.
Can someone explain to me what might be wrong here ? Or how to fix this issue ?

Providing your config would help :slight_smile:

sure thing .


Exec $raw_event = to_json();
Module om_http
HTTPSCertFile /home/test/test/test/zbx.crt
HTTPSCAFile /home/test/test/test/ca/certs/cacert.pem
HTTPSKeyPass 'test123'
HTTPSCertKeyFile /home/test/test/test/zbxkey.pem
URL https://xxx:xxx:xxx:xxx:5001/
HTTPSAllowUntrusted FALSE
Exec to_json();

logstash input

port => 5001
type => "nxlog"
format => 'json'
ssl => true
codec => 'json'
debug => true
keystore => "/home/test/test/test/node01.jks"
keystore_password => "test123"

Try running LS with --debug or --verbose and see if it provides more info?

already did . no info. Logstash recived data , send it futher etc. no errors no nothing.
additional info => turning the ssl off for that . still have the same problem.