Problems with NXLOG and Logstash

I have 2 virtual Ubuntu machines:

        1. Realize that both could be seen.
        2. Ping to see if they are calling between them.

"the previous image is of a virtual machine called Ubuntu 180"

"the next image is of another virtual machine called server in which NXLOG is installed. In the previous one it has everything of ELK."

My configuration in /etc/nxlog/nxlog.conf is as follows


My configuration in /etc/logstash/conf.d/tbus.conf is as follows.

The logstash file is already in use and if you start the problem that I have serialized in the Logstash INPUT and in the NXLOG in your configuration.

   1. In NXLOG in its configuration in the host I put the ip but not
       it worked, now I tried it with localhost and it did not work.

   2. In the Logstash you add many things but for some reason when you do not
       I put the mode => client shows java error and with the mode: client does not show
       A java error shows another error that acontinuacnion will show.

I'm going to run the logstash file that contains the mode => client

Do not mark any errors run normally

But then it marks this type of error and that it is not loading the file or it is blocked, I do not know what the problem is if both are pinging

This is another type of error when I run logstash removing the mode => "client" this comment to execute it. Because I have no idea what's going on

NXLOG from the other virtual machine tells me that if it is connected but it appears that the file reopens


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