Object interpolation in template queries


I'm interested in using query templates -

  • however for my purposes I was hoping ES treaded queries as simple strings
    for the purpose of mustache interpretation and I would to be able to
    substitute in parameters more complex than partial strings - for example to
    define a param as the contents of a value and then pass in an arbitrary

IE something along the lines of
"query": {
"template": {
"query": {
"filtered": {
"filter" : {
"and" : {{ filters }}
"params" : {
"filters" : [
{"terms" : { "foo" : ["a","b" ] } },
{"terms" : { "bar" : ["q","z" ] } }

Experimentation suggests this isn't supported but I understand that the
query templates system is somewhat under construction or review - are there
plans to offer support for passing in entire parts of queries via params or
should I look at doing this kind of interpolation before the query gets to
ES? Or is this possible and I'm simply doing it wrong?



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