Observability APM with Mule 3


Good morning all,
Need help with integrating elactic-apm-mule 3:

I have followed the tutorial successfully currently I want to integrate it into my project but I am stumbling on the entry point at the configuration level:

Mule apm specific properties

elastic.apm.mule.capture_input_properties = true
elastic.apm.mule.capture_input_properties_regex = http _ (. *)

elastic.apm.mule.capture_output_properties = true
elastic.apm.mule.capture_output_properties_regex = (. *)
In my project I am not using http as an entry point as specified here: elastic.apm.mule.capture_input_properties_regex = http _ (. *)
but rather Quartz and Active MQ consumers.
My problem is that when I change the http to quartz it doesn't work.
Please help me on the right course

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Hey, do you want to raise an issue in the Github repo and I will have a look. Can you also please add a sample project that reproduces the issue?


Hello Michael,
Ok no problem I will put it on the Github repo.


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