Odd indices created automatically - what's happening?


Just started to use ES 2.1.1. I have several servers with a logstash 1.5.6-1. Now I noticed, that in addition to the correct daily index, that is created automatically:

ylefi_drupalsv-2016.01.08 5 2 576213 0 1.1gb 390mb

... there is plenty of odd indices like:

green open ylefi_drupalsv-2016.12.18 5 2 1 0 40.5kb 13.5kb
green open ylefi_drupalsv-2016.12.19 5 2 2 0 78.4kb 26.1kb
green open ylefi_drupalsv-2016.12.13 5 2 2 0 75.6kb 25.2kb
green open ylefi_drupalsv-2016.11.20 5 2 1 0 39.5kb 13.1kb

Those odd indices contain just something like this:


So who is creating those and why and how to stop it? If I delete those, more is coming.


I'll close this as you have this other thread already established - Odd indices created automatically - what is happening?