Odd Terms Filter Caching Issue

(Justin Treher) #1

First question post-ElasticSearch training! Using v.90.3. I know this is
one of those long specific questions that rarely gets answers, but it is
worth a shot.

What I'm seeing is some sort of bad caching of the terms filter using
bitsets. It's even that one node might return the correct result while the
other doesn't. I did a fresh index this morning and immediately started
getting errors from the application due to data disagreement. I even
deleted the type, recreated, and reimported the data. We use an alias to
manage index switches. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this with a full
gist. A simple example doesn't seem to have the issue and it seems to be


"id": {
"type": "integer",
"analyzer": "keyword",


,"name":"blue pegs"

,"name":"half sized blue pegs"

,"name":"orange pegs"

query terms filter like so:

{"filter": {
"terms": {
"id": [

What I will get back for terms [343,501]
343,353 <- wrong!

If I set cache:false or "execution":"bool" I will get the correct response
of [343,501]

What I get back for terms: [343]
343 <- correct

What I get back for terms: [501]
501 <- correct

What I get back for terms: [353]
353 <- correct

What I get back for terms: [353,343]
353,343 <-correct!

There is something very funny going on here.

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