Official analysis-smartcn 2.7.0 has no ''


Currently I'm trying to install analysis-smartcn for my elasticsearch cluster. While I'm following command listed in Github repository, but I got an error of ERROR: Could not find plugin descriptor '' in plugin zip.

I have checked the downloaded zip and can't find in it. The download url is

I don't know if the url is not correct or something else is wrong there, can someone help me? Thanks in advance!

Here is some information about my environment.

OS: mac os x 10.10.5
ES: Version: 2.1.1, Build: 40e2c53/2015-12-15T13:05:55Z, JVM: 1.8.0_11
JAVA: version "1.8.0_11"

analysis-smartcn 2.7 is for es 1.7.
For 2.0, we changed the installation.

I have got things worked, very thanks for your help!