Offline plugin installation problem

I created logstash-offline-plugins zip file for email output plugin with Logstash 5.3.0

Zip file contains
-logstash folder

When I try to install it offline server, I'm getting this error message
"Could not find gem 'logstash-output-email (= 4.0.3) java' in any of the gem sources listed in your Gemfile or installed on this machine."

Hello @mevbas, did you use the prepare-offline-pack subcommand to generate the zip?

Using Logstash 5.3.0, I was able to do the following:

  • install the logstash-output-email
  • bin/logstash-plugin prepare-offline-pack logstash-output-email
  • turn off internet
  • bin/logstash-plugin install file:///tmp/
✘ph@sashimi~/es/stable_releases/logstash-5.3.0 bin/logstash-plugin list --verbose email                                                                   ⏎
logstash-output-email (4.0.3)

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