Cannot install Logstash plugin from offline pack


I've prepared an offline pack on my computer by running the following command:

bin\logstash-plugin prepare-offline-pack --output logstash-output-syslog

When I move the zip to the server with no internet access I run the following command:

bin\logstash-plugin install file:///D:/ELK/logstash-5.3.0/offline-packages/

I get the error:

Could not find gem 'logstash-output-syslog (= 3.0.1) java' in any of the gem sources listed in your Gemfile or installed on this machine.

I've turned on Debug=1, full output below. It looks like there is a problem unpacking the zip file, possible a clash between unix and windows path formats?

Local environment:

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Java version 1.8.0_121
  • Logstash 5.3.0

Full debug output is here - Local file: /D:/ELK/logstash-5.3.0/offline-packages/syslog-output.zipInstallin - (sorry it was too long for the post)

There was an issue with Logstash on 5.3.0 creating corrupted pack, Can you try with Logstash 5.3.1?

I'm encountering the same issue in 5.4.0, has the fix applied in 5.3.1 been carried forward to 5.4.0?

The fix should have been included in 5.4.0, (merged in 5.x before we cut the release branch)

@toca you are experiencing the same issue on windows?

OK, I can confirm that the fix was not included in 5.4.0. The bug original from paquet a gem that we are using to manage the offline dependencies. The problem is fixed with paquet 0.2.1 but LS 5.4 ships with paquet 0.2.0

The problem is fixed in LS 5.4.1, but in the meantime, you can generate a pack with LS 5.3.1 and use it in LS 5.4.0.

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Thanks Pier

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