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I am pleased to announce version 1.0 of OGR2ElasticSearch.


The goal of this project is to allow the user to export any of the
supported OGR spatial formats to an instance of ElasticSearch. There
are a few specific options that will allow you to create a mapping for
your index and modify it as needed. There is also a bulk loading
option and the ability to use any of the inherent capabilities within
ogr2ogr (eg. progress metering and filtering by SQL). There are
Windows binaries available for download but I have mainly testing this
as an integration with GDAL on Linux (CentOS) and Mac.

ogr2ogr usage

ogr2elasticsearch usage examples

This is the initial cut of the software and I hope someone finds it to
be useful. I am also very willing to talk to anyone interested in
making this a better application by acting as a contributor.


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