OIDC authenticate response documentation shows different response to what I can see

Hello, I am using version 8.5.2 of elasticsearch, and the documentation states, for an OIDC authenticate response, I should receive:

  "access_token" : "dGhpcyBpcyBub3QgYSByZWFsIHRva2VuIGJ1dCBpdCBpcyBvbmx5IHRlc3QgZGF0YS4gZG8gbm90IHRyeSB0byByZWFkIHRva2VuIQ==",
  "type" : "Bearer",
  "expires_in" : 1200,
  "refresh_token": "vLBPvmAB6KvwvJZr27cS"

In my environment I am receiving the following fields:

    "username": "myusername",
    "access_token": "asdflkajsdfjasdf",
    "refresh_token": "aklsdlkeuioasf",
    "expires_in": 1200,
    "authentication": {  <OIDC claims>  }

Are the fields in the documentation incorrect? Or is something not correct with my setup?

Many thanks

That doc page is out of date. I have raised an issue to fix it [Doc] Authentication information is missing certain API responses · Issue #93366 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub
Thanks for reporting!

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