Old index getting new log data

After running this command, ./filebeat -e --modules system,nginx,mysql

This Index was created

yellow filebeat-7.4.0-2019.11.08-000001 open lMcCHhWuT9ecTfsI4OyGEA 1 1   3982      0   676kb 2019-11-08T20:06:41.949Z

But now if I run the filebeats again, no new index is created. My older filebeat index is getting all new log files I am sending.

Hi @Mehak_Bhargava,

do you have index configured in your Filebeat config?

I would expect any log with a timestamp that matches the date in the index name to go into the existing index. By default there would be one index per day and all logs from that day would go into the same index.

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