On Single Node Elastic Search what could be the maximum value can be attached

The AWS d2.2xlarge has 12 TB volume storage. Will single ES be able to handle that much data from a single node?

Please could anyone help me getting this sorted out.

As outlined in this webinar that often depends on you data and your use case and how efficiently you can manage heap usage.

We are having Apache Logs grokking them and I am choosing AWS EC2 - The AWS d2.2xlarge has 12 TB volume storage.

Will this work fine.

As I said that will depend on how you manage mappings and heap usage and what your requirements around query latency is. You need to test. Getting to that level of storage per node for small documents like Apache logs will require quite a lot of optimisation so I would not be surprised if find in your tests that the practical limit is lower for your use case.

If you are planning on running a single node, also be aware that the data could be lost if there are issues with the host as the storage is ephemeral.

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