On the use of es to achieve fuzzy matching problem?

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I have a text that will contain Chinese or letters and numbers. Es how to retrieve the fastest way?

Examples are as follows


I hope not to divide words so that I can use any form of matching

If I retrieve the text that is becoming a farm, I can also retrieve it.

If you use type: keywrod, then use wildcards or regular * is becoming a farmer * so the query is very slow.

So I now want to use ngram, he can help me to n * size characters all indexed, so I can achieve a fuzzy match
"Tokenizer": {
"Ngram_tokenizer": {
"Type": "ngram",
"Min_gram": 1,
"Max_gram": 6000

But the use of ngram in the establishment of the index when this happens, please click on the link to see my details of the error message

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