One issue about elastic-docker

Hi guys,
I tried to launch elastic-docker images 6.2.2.
I could configure in elasticsearch.yml and mount to external directories.
However, I failed to mount path.logs to external volumes.

Could path.logs in elastic-docker could be customized?


yup you can very well do that.Provide the path where you want to store the logs,
for eg:your elasticsearch is at home/etc/elasticsearch and you want to store in home/etc/logs.then please you can provide the path in path.logs: home/etc/logs.After running the elasticsearch you can go to home/etc/logs and can check the logs.:slight_smile:

I tried that. I configured path.logs as /usr/share/elasticsearch/es/logs/.
After launching container, elasticsearch is installed in /usr/share/elasticsearch.
And logs is still written to /usr/share/elasticsearch/logs rather than directory "es/logs".

So you mean you are creating a directory inside the elasticsearch itself.Please try to make in /usr/share/es/logs and then check.I am sure its gonna work.

Tried again. This time path.logs configured as /usr/share/es/logs rather than /usr/share/elasticsearch/es/logs.
However, it didn't work. Logs is still written to /usr/share/elasticsearch/logs.
The image I used is 6.2.2.

Thanks for your kindly help.
path.logs: /var/log/elasticsearch .

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