One node one primary shard

I have 6 nodes and 6 primary shards for each index plus replica.
I want to be sure that each index primary shard got own node.
How I understand, this can be controlled by allocation.balance

      "cluster.routing.allocation.balance.shard": 0.05,
      "cluster.routing.allocation.balance.index": 0.95,
      "cluster.routing.allocation.balance.threshold": 0.95,

But looks like this settings work with primary and replica shards. As result I am getting the following:

Here one problem. Due ILM policy after few days replica will be dropped. And after replica dropped - rebalance will start and move shard 0 or 5 to node es-logs-1-1. Meaningless operation. Is any way to do not allow this kind of spread?

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