One of Elasticsearch node is disconnected

Hi All,

I have a problem with my cluster. I have 2 nodes. They are on the same physical machine. But one of them disconnected. I don't understand why it is disconnected while they are on the same physical machine. DO you have any idea about this problem? By the way I use ElasticSearch 0.19.0.


Is there anything interesting in the logs?

You do know that 0.19.0 is insanely old, right?

Please consider moving this topic to the Elasticsearch group. Elastic User Groups is for discussing "anything and everything about Elastic meetups, including tips and tricks from your fellow organizers and sharing the best of talks from user group meetings".

Hi Magnus,

Yes I know that. But we could not upgrade to latest one yet. Thanks for suggestion I will ask to that user group.


Thanks @magnusbaeck. I moved the topic in elasticsearch group.