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(Irom77) #1

How to index documents in Elastic and Logstash 5.5 in case I am interested in analyzing documents created only in last 10 minutes , should I reindex and delete index every 10 minutes ? What's the best approach.

(Peter Dyson) #2

Do you wish to store the documents longer than 10 minutes even if you are only interested in analysing the docs from the last 10 minutes?

If you filter by timestamp using a range query then you'll be able to exclude all docs older than 10 minutes.
Something like:

"filter": {
        "range": {
          "whatever_timestampfield": {
            "gte": "now-10m",
            "lte": "now"


(Irom77) #3

Thank you . I can store the documents longer than 10 minutes but I want my search to stop after last 10 min . I am looking for query optimization. Are documents sorted by timestamp ?

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