OpenJDK vs Oracle

Hi guys, since our company always bets for open source and free alternatives, is there a reason to use Oracle for the Java packages or we can use OpenJDK without fear about breaking environments? We would like to use OpenJDK always, but you guys are not so clear about using it or Oracle.

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We try to be as clear as possible in our support matrix. We do support OpenJDK (iced tea builds on supported OSes, as well as oracle openjdk).

Hi @rjernst,

What I meant is as follow:

I have a CentOS 7 instance (example), Is Elasticsearch 6.5.X >= going to work properly regardless of Oracle/OpenJDK?

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Yes, that is what the support matrix says.

We have a single column that lists "Oracle / OpenJDK" because we support both equally (**). If there is something unclear about that page, can you point it out because I cannot see any ambiguity there.

(**) Elastic supports OpenJDK builds by the IcedTea Project as well as those produced by OS vendors in the "Product and Operating System" matrix which have passed the TCK tests.

Okay @TimV all is clear for me now. I'm a bit scared about deploying production environments using OpenJDK instead of Oracle, but now I'm a bit more relaxed.

Such always, many thanks guys, awesome work!


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