Opinions on new AMD EPYC CPUs

Hello everybody,
We want to expand our system by adding new hardware.
Now we need some opinions on CPUs.
Since AMD recently released their new EPYC lineup we were curious exactly how "epyc" these chips really are.
The top-of-the-line CPU "7601" boasts 32 cores with 64 threads running on 2,7 GHz.
These are impressive numbers, but we don't know how Elasticsearch will react to the new architecture in comparison to good old Intel.

I would love to see some thoughts and suggestions from you guys and girls. :sunglasses:

Should be no big difference ? It's all lucene/java inside.
My suggestion is find a dedicated server provider that offers these cpus and benchmark and compare to current intel that you use and post here.

But more cores improves concurrency, more GHz improves performance of each request.

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