Optimization of elastic search

hi all
i am using Elastic Stack with 2 node.
currently i have 1 index with 5 shards ,size of index is around 217 GB,now day by day query in index is getting slow .
i have 2 question -
1 is there any ideal size of index ?
2 what should be shard per index , is there any index * size * shards matrix ?
Please guide me on this

In fact, there is only a max number of documents in one shard(one lucene index), 2,147,483,519. The ideal size of index depends on your cluster and you could make a benchmark to choose the approprite size of index.

The ideal shard size depends on your data, mappings, queries and latency requirements so there are no simple guidelines that apply for all use cases.

Shards should typically be at least a few GB in size but the upper limit depends heavily on the use case.

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