Optimize file cache in ram for ES indizes?


It's a bit wrong here, because it is more linux related than to elasticsearch, but I would like to give it a try.

Seems as if our ES instance is lacking in IO speed. If the linux machine has enough RAM, is there a possibility to:

  1. put the indizes of the last 5 days to a persistent ramdisk (loads and saves data to disk after start / during shutdown)
  2. Tell linux to priorize most recent indices for file system caching?
  3. To preload most recent indices into file system caching?

Running RHEL 7.3 and ELK 5.1.2

Thanks, Andreas

  1. Create a RAM disk and then tell ES to use it
  2. You'd have to ask on a linux forum sorry
  3. You'd have to ask on a linux forum sorry

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