Optimized keyword fields that only have integers

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Does lucene / es optimize (or is there a way to config) keyword fields that are guaranteed to have only numbers and only need equality filtering (for inverted-index, doc-values, term dictionary etc) ?

I remember _id has this optimization, so the number isn't stored as a string(number).

Meaning, if it stores them as strings, then it would be better to store as base64 or something similar to reduce the string size, right ?


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Please see [1] for information on mapping numeric fields.
Note in particular the coerce parameter.


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Hi Glen,

I understand coerce but this has nothing to do with what I asked. I was interested in low level optimization, something like https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/issues/25957 but for fields and not just the _id.

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Pinging @jpountz in case he can provide an answer.

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Maybe create a custom normalizer that uses a Base64 encoding for the keyword?

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