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Hi guys! :slight_smile:

As I'm starting digging a bit deeper into ES, I found myself in this
situation: how to ask for some text to boost but not exlude any document if
it doesnt find anything?

Please consider this example:

  • "required text" is the only required match
    { id: 1, desc: 'some good red required text blabla' },
    { id: 2, desc: 'some great red required text blabla' },
    { id: 3, desc: 'some good blue required text blabla' }
    { id: 4, desc: 'here really nothing' },

I could query like this:

  • required text AND blue OR great

But what about these cases?:

  • OR blue OR great
  • AND required text OR blue
  • OR blue AND required text
  • OR blue

Please note these are not terms and I'd like to query them through snowball
analyzer or similar

Any thoughts?!
Thanks and regards, Adit

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