Options List Control Ignores Filters and Queries

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@Teresa_Alvarez ,

One clarification question, do you need to filter ONLY the control values or the whole dashboard?

The control values need to be filtered. My previous example of Metricbeat's MSSQL module is just one of many use cases. If I want to have a dashboard specifically for Metricbeat's MSSQL module, I only want that List Control to include devices where event.module: mssql. Without the ability to filter the options on the List Control, it really is worthless and defeats the entire idea of being able to filter the dataset. The control will show every single device with Metricbeat installed instead of just the small handful that have the MSSQL module enabled.


I can't help with your technical question, but this is a good point and I have made a change to the way we handle this to see if we can help get more responses to un-answered posts :slight_smile:

Thank you, @warkolm .

Still hoping to get some action on the List Control visualization. The original one just needed to be fixed, but instead, a new one was created that still does not function as it should.


Keeping this alive, as I adamantly feel Controls are severely lacking. Please just fix the filtering bug on the "legacy" controls, and do not deprecate them.