Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Logstash Plugin

Hi All,

Hoping anyone has ingested logs from OCI Object Storage into Logstash using a specific input plugin similiar to that of logstash-input-s3?

The scenario is shown in the diagram below:

  1. All the resources in a compartment send their logs to the Object Storage.
  2. Logstash is hosted in AWS.

Now need a plugin to pull logs from object storage just like how it is done for AWS S3 buckets.
The only input plugins I see is here:

But there must be a way to ingest logs, right? Just like having a plugin called azureblob that is able to ingest logs from Azure blob storage but as well not listed in the link above.


Though I have come across this article:

paying attention to the section in the page "Indexing data using LogStash" which uses http_poller. Still doesnt explain if there is a possibility to pull logs from the object storage.

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