Order of treatment

Hello !

Here is my input config :

input {
path => "C:\Users\GAUTSCPI\Documents\ElasticSearch\Logs\CDR-SBC\prod/*"
start_position => "end"
tags => ["cdr"]
codec => plain {
charset => "ISO-8859-1"

I set the start_position to "end". If I am right this mean that logstash will read my file from the bottom to the top.

Then in the filter section I use the aggregate filter :

task_id => "%{ID appel1}"
map [ 'Session number' ] ||= 0;
map [ 'Session number' ] += 1;
event.set('Order of treatment ', map ['Session number']);
if(map['Session number']==1)
map ['ID appel']=event.get('Ingress Session ID')
event.set('ID appel', map ['ID appel']);
event.set('ID appel', map ['ID appel']);
push_map_as_event_on_timeout => false
timeout_task_id_field => "ID appel"
timeout_tags => ['_aggregatetimeout']

The field "Order of treatment " tell me which event came first in the aggregate filter, which came in the second position. Because I set the start_position to "end" the lowest event in the file should have the "Order of treatment" set to 1, the next event with the same "ID appel1" should have the Order of treatment" set to 2...

The problem is that sometime its the case and sometime not. The lowest event is not the first in the aggregate filter every time

Is that a problem of parallelism ? I think there is only one thread working per file so the higher line can't be treated before the lower one.

I use logstash 6.3.0 and the plugin file-input 4.1.5

No, it means it will ignore the existing contents of the file and only read new lines that are appended to it after logstash starts.

If you are using an aggregate filter you must set the number of pipeline threads to 1 using either '-w 1' or '--pipeline.workers 1'

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