Ordering by a field value in Terms Aggregation

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I'm looking to order the search results by specific field values. I'm not able to do it using the Aggregation Order. When I tried using the scripted metric, I'm getting below error:

org.elasticsearch.search.aggregations.AggregationExecutionException: Invalid terms aggregation order path [scriptedAgg]. Terms buckets can only be sorted on a sub-aggregator path that is built out of zero or more single-bucket aggregations within the path and a final single-bucket or a metrics aggregation at the path end.

Below is the code that I tried:(modified with a basic example)

TermsAggregationBuilder termsAggregationBuilder = AggregationBuilders.terms("termsAggName").size(1000).script(new Script("doc['empNumber'].value + ' | ' + doc['empName'].value))).subAggregation(AggregationBuilders.topHits("subTermsAggName").size(1));

ScriptedMetricAggregationBuilder scriptedMetricBuilder = AggregationBuilders.scriptedMetric("scriptedAgg");

scriptedMetricBuilder.mapScript(new Script("doc['empDesignation'].value == 'Developer'"));

termsAggregationBuilder.order(Terms.Order.aggregation("scriptedAgg", true)).subAggregation(scriptedMetricBuilder);

SearchResponse searchResponse = elasticsearchTemplate.getClient().prepareSearch().setIndices(indexName).setTypes(typeName).setQuery(booleanQuery).addAggregation(termsAggregationBuilder).execute().actionGet();

The aggregation works fine. I'm facing trouble when I try to order the buckets by Employee Designation.

The code highlighted in italics is the new code I tried for ordering by field value(s).

Please help me in achieving the order.

Thanks in advance!

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