Org.elasticsearch.client.transport.NoNodeAvailableException: No node available

i have bunch of java processes that are talking to my ES server. and after
a while, they start barfing with this exception..

i have seen bunch of mails on this and tried all remedies like setting high
ping timeout, etc. but nothing seems to work.
is it related to too much pressure on ES server?

i used to initialize the transport client during startup and use that for
all subsequent operations. but with this error, i started connecting only
when hitting ES and then i would close it. and then reopen for the next
use. but we have a heavy operation on ES and doing this recreation is also
not solving the problem.
both client and server are on EC2. i also noticed another side effect of
constant transport creation - i have monit process which ping the ES server
health every minute or so.. and it is getting connection failed attempts
every now and then. this never used to happen before.

any insights? any config on the server side that might help?


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